Ki-Hara Resistance Training

Carrie Collins, owner of Stretch Chi, discovered Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching while searching for a solution for her own physical pain after many years as a professional pianist.  Carrie has worked as a Ki-Hara Master Trainer and Instructor for 13 years. Her expertise is in pain management and problem-solving injuries working one on one with athletes, musicians and those in chronic pain.

In 2013, Carrie developed a full mind-body course called Life Renovations, which pairs Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching with life-style changes, meditation and an anti-inflammatory diet. She has spoken at MindBody Online’s BOLD Conference (Santa Monica 2015) and the Resistance Stretching Symposium (Manhattan Beach 2016) as well as many podcasts.  Stretch Chi has been mentioned in Health Magazine and Vogue Magazine.  As part of Carrie’s life mission to teach this method to the world, she has taught Ki-Hara in 11 US states and 4 countries.
Carrie has 20 years of experience as a professional pianist and teacher under her fingers.  She is proud to say that one of her favorite students recently graduated from Julliard and will be starting his masters there this Fall.  She still teaches piano on her days off and of course, her students know how to stretch.