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Erika Gray 

BARRE + bay wreath

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Erika Gray is a passionate barre believer, dancer, designer, branding, and lifestyle content creator.  It all started with creating a space that supports a minimal and joyful lifestyle — feeling true bliss.  Living your purpose and passion to help uplift, unify, and inspire others has been the mantra for this San Diego native.

As a single mother of an amazing little boy and abuse survivor, Erika opened her doors to share the soulfully created BARRE + bay wreath technique that focuses on true form and understanding, pushing clients to their personal best EVERY single class. This truly balanced and intense workout promises to protect one’s body and create confidence and self-accomplishment.

Erika is a true believer in finding “YOUR” life-long workout and always searching for new and exciting ways to challenge one’s technique.  Her passion is to uplift and build women’s bodies and confidence, with the support of amazing instructors.  After years of being torn down by others, like so many of us have, Erika vowed to dedicate her business to strengthening each individual person that walks through her doors {mind + body + soul} — a place where all the pieces come together.