Using Breathwork to Feel More You

Jenna Reiss

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Jenna Reiss is a Breathwork Meditation Coach and Healer supporting people in living more intentional lives through Breathwork, Meditation & Intuitive Coaching. She teaches private, corporate, groups, and conferences working with people to break free from old patterns and habitual ways of being and connects with their authentic selves again.

With an individualistic and holistic approach, Jenna pulls from a toolbox of intuition, therapeutic conversation, oils, and sound to guide students into a higher state of consciousness. She has been a student of many master teachers in Buddhist lineages for Meditation, along with a level 4 certified Breathwork Meditation Instructor, Reiki Facilitator and has been initiated to teach by her mentors for her authentic ability to transmit the teachings.

Jenna is also a human development writer, currently working on her own book, and is the founder of Expanded Wild Hearts, an intensive healing experience moving through fears and returning to love. She believes everyone deserves to be their most authentic self and that it’s made possible when we dive deep within ourselves.