Cyrotherapy & it’s Benefits

Matt Browning

MEND Cryotherapy

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Matt Browning is the Co-Owner of MEND Cryotherapy and a certified cryotherapy technician and Pagani Cryo T-Shock “fat freezing” technician. In 2013 he found himself almost completely disabled from a spinal injury and was in a depressed state resulting from constant pain and an inability to be “present” for his family. He tried almost every form of traditional therapy without any significant relief and was left searching for alternatives.

Matt’s quest led him to whole body cryotherapy where he felt instant relief far beyond anything he had ever experienced. Within weeks he was back to his old self, exercising and able to participate in physical activities with his children once again. Matt traveled across the country to visit whole-body cryotherapy facilities to learn as much as he could and make important connections. He spent time in Texas receiving valuable training and insight at the Dallas Mavericks recovery facility, where he was also introduced to many more amazing recovery modalities. His lifelongexperience as an athlete, life-changing discovery of whole-body cryotherapy, and experience as a health & wellness advocate has since directed his passion for safe and effective recovery as his true calling. That’s when MEND Cryotherapy came to be.
MEND Cryotherapy is a multi-faceted pain management, recovery, and anti-aging facility set in a welcoming-like setting, offering a wide array of products and services including whole body cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy, compression therapy, far infrared sauna, near infrared light therapy, PEMF (pulse electromagnetic field therapy), oxygen/aromatherapy, acne treatments, cryo-facials, MEND signature organic facials, MEND cryo-sculpting, fat freezing, cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, organic plant-based skin care products, essential oils and CBD.