From Baton Twirling to Weapon Spinning


Professional Stunt Woman and Martial Artist

As a World Champion baton twirler, turned professional stunt woman, martial artist and educator, Michelle Smith has seen the immense benefits that 30 years of training with various tools, weapons and movement has gifted her. She has been featured in shows such as Deadpool, The 100, Supergirl, Arrow, SEE, Motherland, Helstrom and man more (see IMDB)!

Michelle has a next level expanded awareness, coordination, ambidexterity, problem solving skills and so much more! Since the age of five, she has been training to create a level of mastery around the very unique and highly valuable skill of prop spinning/manipulation.  She uses this asset every day in both her personal life and work life with or without a staff in her hands. Due to Michelle’s intricate and highly coordinated pathways, she can easily pick up new choreography, skills, sports or anything else with confidence, speed and ease.  Because of these intricate and highly specific skills, she can do anything…and you can too!  

Michelle is very excited about sharing her valuable skills with as many people as possible.  She wants you to experience the confidence, knowing, and awareness that she has discovered through staff spinning. It’s time to unleash your own inner bad ass!