Happiness Inside Leads to Joy Outside


Board-Certified Psychiatrist and QiGong Master 

Paul L. Hannah, M.D. is a high energy board-certified Psychiatrist, Qi Gong Master, and a graduate of the UCLA Medical Acupuncture Program for Physicians.  He completed training from Nanging University in Nanging, China, where he was licensed for acupuncture, moxibustion, and auricular therapy.  His superior knowledge of energy flow and vibrant living makes him the perfect teacher for those people that want to create greater harmony and joy in their lives.

Dr. Hannah uses conscious radiant breathing to empower people to connect to their higher purpose.  His first book Qi Gong Awakens – Always Living in Vibrant Energy, offers a perspective of integration of the principles and practices of Qi Gong with a multi-dimensional human viewpoint.  Through exploration of the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the reader’s existence, he guides you to new perspectives of self-empowerment.

Dr. Hannah’s second book, Remembering Qualities of Your Soul – Joyfully Living Your Godself, provides a pathway to fulfill your Soul Mission and allow continuous blissful connection throughout the day to your Godself.  Inside the book, you will learn how to take brilliant actions while shifting your attitudes and raising your vibrational frequency to live an improved life.

Dr. Hannah shares his wisdom of love force energy, healing, and personal transformation in his practice and speaking opportunities worldwide.  In 2018, he was featured in the video series “Quantum Qi” by Sharron Rose and was a recent guest on the Shift Network’s QiGong Summit.